This was given as a blessing……

Pregnancy should have been a celebration in my life. I dreamed, since being a little girl, of being a mother.   I could not wait to grow and become one.  Instead, here I was at the doctor’s office filled with fear and dread.  I was 24 years old, pregnant, and had been battling an eating disorder for ten years and using meth and cocaine for six months.  I did not have my own place to live.  I was adopted and both my birth mom, and biological sister, lost their kids due to drugs. I was not going to follow in their footsteps.  My son’s father wanted me to get an abortion and I almost did, but the doctor insisted I talk to the counselor at the clinic because after asking to see my child on the ultrasound machine I could not stop crying.  Keeping my child was the best choice I have been made in my entire life!

A friend who moved to Fond du Lac one year prior told me about New Beginnings and this seemed like my only hope. I packed up what I could and left Seattle Washington with nothing more than hope, determination, and a good attitude!  After learning of my acceptance into New Beginnings I began working with Kelly Rust who assisted me in getting into a program to finish my GED.  After six months with New Beginnings support and encouragement I passed my GED test.

At my 24 week ultrasound it was discovered that my son had a cleft lip and possible palate and they also had a suspicion of Down syndrome. I began needing to go to Milwaukee every month as the doctor tried to figure out how severe the cleft was.  Kelly Rust took me each time.  She held my hand as I had an amniocentesis. They said this was the only way to know for sure if he had Down syndrome.  As scared as I was to have this performed, I could not think of anyone else who could have been more comforting through this.  It was a blessing when we discovered he did not have Down syndrome, although I knew even if he did, I would have continued through the pregnancy and love him just the same.  I am so thankful to have the support of Kelly and all the other staff through accepting and learning how to care for my son with his cleft.

When I was 8 months pregnant I began working at an assisted living home as a caregiver. Being a caregiver has allowed me to use my natural gifts, which I now know are given to me from God. Three years later I now work as a Dementia specialist here in town with the elderly and love everyday of it. I firmly believe if I had not moved to New Beginnings I would not have taken this path in my life.

A few of the staff members at New Beginnings were supportive as I became a follower of Christ.  I was baptized while being pregnant, which was a life changing experience.  I was not pressured into becoming a Christian this was something I wanted, and was happy to find the support through NB in doing so. I now will be enrolling my son into a Christian day care where he also will be learning the word of God and becoming a strong follower of Jesus.  Again this faith is something I would not have without having moved to NB.

I made an unfortunate decision to give my son’s father a seconded chance and I moved back to Seattle Washington. I really thought I was making a good choice and although Kelly and staff knew better, I was so appreciative that no one tried to convince me not to go.  I was treated as an adult and was let to make my own choices.  After two weeks of being in Seattle cried myself to sleep as I realized my son’s father was in the garage smoking meth. Why did I leave? I had such a safe and wonderful life surrounded by many friends and blessings. NB accepted me back under the condition they gave me a week to get back to the house and two months to live there. I came back within the week with my son and everything I could pack, leaving most of my stuff at home and bringing what I needed for my son. The staff opened their arms when my son and I came back as if we had never left.  I was reoffered my job as a care giver and put my name immediately back on the housing list.

When I left New Beginnings this time my son and I had our very own apartment to move into and this was just one day before his cleft lip repair surgery.

I cannot imagine where or what I what I would be doing if I had not moved to New Beginnings Pregnancy Care Center.  I would not have a home, my growing faith, a career, education plans, or friends that actually care.  I do not believe my son would have been alive, or if he was alive I do not believe he would be in my care.  New Beginnings offered me and my son a real second chance at life. They were patient, caring, understanding, supportive, and kept me going. I still talk to Kelly Rust every day.  She has become a friend and a mentor.  I still find myself back at “home” often.   The rules that were put in place helped me learn to be an adult and a wonderful parent.  Because they taught me to cook, I now can cook healthy meals for me and my son.  They brought hope into my life, this is not something I was entitled to or earned. This was given as a blessing from so many blessed people.

Thank you to anyone who has donated time prayers or money to make this house possible to change not just my life but so many others as well. If you are reading this in hopes of moving in to New Beginnings for a seconded chance at life, I want to tell you YOU CAN DO THIS ! The staff is all on your side, and the friendships you can make will last a lifetime.  This home is a beautiful gift.  Make it Count!  The staff do actually love and care about you and your child.  And as a matter of fact the whole community does, because this is a community run home.  Thank you for taking time to read my story!



I was a past resident of…

I was a past resident of New Beginnings, and the following is what they have done for me and my two children.

  • Helped me to manage my time, income, appointments and visits with my son
  • Got me involved in a family environment and a family-like setting
  • Helped with resources referrals
  • Helped with finding an apartment through knowledge, and encouragement
  • Provided helpful classes or resources to different classes on topics such as: relationships, budgeting, rent-smart, prenatal care, etc.
  • Taught me how to schedule dinners for each week and plan ahead for budgeting for food.
  • Made it a priority for prenatal care
  • Helped with baby items that I didn’t have the money for via donated items by the community.
  • Provided maternity clothes when I grew out of my normal clothes
  • Provided a place for me and my newborn to sleep=fully furnished, private bedroom to accommodate both mom and baby’s needs.
  • Helped to ensure a structured routine
  • Given me and my family a lifetime of positive moral support
  • And a heck of a lot more!

When I first came to New Beginnings, I had to go through an application process which involved getting hospital records, a TB test, and a meeting with all of the review committee along with the director, Kelly. Once they decided to accept me into their structured program, they had rules for residents, chores, curfews, and a strong communication system. One thing to remember is that you are going to have rules wherever you go, so please don’t be discouraged just because there are rules…besides, you don’t even know what the rules are going to be yet! J

Sincerely, Tia

In the last couple of weeks…

In the last couple of weeks I have been looking back on life to reflect on different things. My daughter, Anjulette is almost 3 and I do not remember where the time went. Everyone said to cherish the times that you have because they go fast. They were right. However, before I had her I have some memories as well, some of good and bad.

In 2005, I started dating my now husband, went to college, and had no home except for the spot I had at college. My husband had lived with friends that did not have any room and at the last year of college I became pregnant. At that time I knew I needed to do something so my husband and I could raise a healthy baby in a good environment. I contacted a county nurse. She introduced me to New Beginnings. Now at first I thought it was going to be hard because I am still trying to find my own religious side in life and the nurse had told me this home was run by a Luthern church in town. I thought for sure they were going to preach to me, and require me to go to church. I had to put my thoughts aside because I needed a place to stay.

After the first couple of weeks I became more comfortable being in the house. I had a job from a friend where I worked a lot to save money for an apartment and get stuff for the baby. While in the house, I felt comfort from the ladies when I asked questions but I was never put on a “should of” list like I thought might happen. I had to just remember the rules and there would be no trouble. Then sometimes I needed someone to talk to and the caretakers (ladies) of the house would talk.

New Beginnings helped me to get with an advocate from Advocap to get housing. I even learned a few cooking lessons and the value of eating at least one dinner together as a family even if we were not. When ever I needed someone to talk to someone was available. New Beginnings made sure that I had someone there. I got worried late in my pregnancy because I had trouble with my legs and being overdue but the ladies helped me with that as well. I was able to sleep in a chair with my legs up and when I needed a shoulder to cry on someone was always there.

Now even though I was able to stay for three months after Anjulette if I wanted to, my husband and I got an apartment right away and so I left about two weeks after she was born. After getting our apartment I went back to the home to visit a couple of times and some of the ladies came to visit me.

About a year after she was born I got a great job offer at Charter Communications and have been there since. My husband and I got married in October of 2008 and some of the New Beginnings ladies came to my wedding. I also speak to many of the New Beginnings ladies today.

I am so thankful that New Beginnings was a part of my life and that they let me be part of their life. I learned many things, but most of all I learned that by lending a hand, having strong values, and being determined can get me to any place I need to be. New Beginnings also taught me how to love and care for my baby. I am sure that I would have made it without New Beginnings just like any other women do, but New Beginnings gave me something that no other woman that has never been there can have, self-worth. With that self-worth I was able to carry on the rest of my life and show self-worth and values to our daughter. Thank you New Beginnings, you have a special place in my heart.

Sincerely, Buffy

I am 24 years old and…

Hi! I am 24 years old and I lived at New Beginnings from May of 2006 to February 2007. I moved there because I like so many other women became pregnant and had nowhere to go. I had no family; friends come and go, and just lost my job as a bartender for 9 months because apparently the environment became unsafe for me and my unborn child. I began to really go through a hard time and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I decided I was going to get an abortion although I never believed in them.

Then one day by chance looking through the phone book I came across New Beginnings. I figured it couldn’t hurt to call. A woman named Rita answered and I began to cry just telling her what was going on in my life and I felt lost. Rita told me about the home and that there was an opening, I could call the next day and speak with Kelly Rust the director to see if I could possibly stay there. I did call the next day and met with Kelly. Things went very well and before I knew it I was moving to a new town where I knew no one and starting a new life.

There were 3 other girls at the time and we all bonded. I also bonded with so many of the volunteers here and especially with Kelly. For once I began to feel I belonged somewhere and that I was loved. You begin to wonder how these women who are older and old fashioned care so much about us and our unborn children when so many others looked down upon us for out situations. I was one of those people who did frown upon single mothers and here I was. My family was never loving and comforting, but here I have had more hugs, heartfelt talks, laughs, cries, and happy times than I’ve had anywhere else. Slowly I began to pick my self up and feel better about my self and past mistakes. New Beginnings helped me get there. They were my family when everyone else abandoned me.

When I think of where I would be without this place I can’t imagine where it would be or how we would be doing. This place is more than a shelter for homeless women. It is a home: everyone treats us as is being our home and respects our privacy as well. They are here for advice, guidance, and that extra push we need when we are caught in a jam or are feeling a bit lazy. Since being here I fully appreciate my life and my children’s, I know I’m a strong smart woman, and that I will be fine in this world. I can do anything I put my mind to .

New Beginnings have helped me to get the best job I possibly could, a vehicle, everything I need for my son, furniture for my new apartment, and most importantly confidence and the security of knowing there is always someone there for me. These women have become my family and Kelly(the director), there is none more fit than her to be the God Mother of my son, and she has accepted. I know we will be life long friends.

I hope that when you are considering how worthy New Beginnings is that you consider my story and realize that if they have made such a difference in my life they must have touched other girl’s lives as well. However I think most importantly is that because of New Beginnings there will be at least one more life in this world…my son. How many others have they saved, and will they be able to save in the future?

Thank you

My name is Rose

Hi! My name is Rose. I am a former resident of New Beginnings who lived there from November of 2007 to April of 2008.

Before I came to New Beginnings, I had moved from living with my drug- and alcohol-addicted, verbally abusive ex in Appleton to sleeping on my aunt’s couch in Bear Creek to House of Hope, a women’s shelter in Green Bay. Although I was, and still am, thankful for it’s existence, life at the women’s shelter was very stressful and I hoped to find a place that was a bit quieter, somewhere I might be able to start fresh.

Joni, my caseworker with Bethany Christian Services, told me a bit about New Beginnings, and I was like, “Let’s go!”. I met with Kelly, the director, and got a tour of the home about a month before I was accepted.

On February 24th, 2008, I gave birth to a 9 lb., 10 oz., 22 1/2 in. long baby boy named Tyler, who I had placed for adoption. The placement ceremony, which is a ceremony comparable to a baptism, was actually help in New Beginning’s living room on April 2nd, 2008.

Throughout my stay, New Beginnings was extremely helpful! They connected me with the Hope Mentoring program, who then connected me with a mentor that I still keep in contact with and visit with! I was also connected to DVR, Advocap and the Housing Authority, who have helped me tremendously in the past year or so!

They encouraged me to go to college as well, which I started in August of 2008. Thanks to their encouragement, I will now be on my third semester in the Criminal Justice Corrections program at Moraine Park Technical College!

I still stop in from time to time, mostly to see what’s new and exciting, but also to share a cup of coffee or a meal. It’s great that they let me do this, because they have grown to be a family to me!

I am extremely thankful for New Beginnings, and all the support, help and encouragement they gave, and continue to give: to me, and I hope that, with the kindness and generosity of people like yourselves, they will be able to continue to offer these things to other women in need for many years to come.

Thank You!