I am 24 years old and…

Hi! I am 24 years old and I lived at New Beginnings from May of 2006 to February 2007. I moved there because I like so many other women became pregnant and had nowhere to go. I had no family; friends come and go, and just lost my job as a bartender for 9 months because apparently the environment became unsafe for me and my unborn child. I began to really go through a hard time and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I decided I was going to get an abortion although I never believed in them.

Then one day by chance looking through the phone book I came across New Beginnings. I figured it couldn’t hurt to call. A woman named Rita answered and I began to cry just telling her what was going on in my life and I felt lost. Rita told me about the home and that there was an opening, I could call the next day and speak with Kelly Rust the director to see if I could possibly stay there. I did call the next day and met with Kelly. Things went very well and before I knew it I was moving to a new town where I knew no one and starting a new life.

There were 3 other girls at the time and we all bonded. I also bonded with so many of the volunteers here and especially with Kelly. For once I began to feel I belonged somewhere and that I was loved. You begin to wonder how these women who are older and old fashioned care so much about us and our unborn children when so many others looked down upon us for out situations. I was one of those people who did frown upon single mothers and here I was. My family was never loving and comforting, but here I have had more hugs, heartfelt talks, laughs, cries, and happy times than I’ve had anywhere else. Slowly I began to pick my self up and feel better about my self and past mistakes. New Beginnings helped me get there. They were my family when everyone else abandoned me.

When I think of where I would be without this place I can’t imagine where it would be or how we would be doing. This place is more than a shelter for homeless women. It is a home: everyone treats us as is being our home and respects our privacy as well. They are here for advice, guidance, and that extra push we need when we are caught in a jam or are feeling a bit lazy. Since being here I fully appreciate my life and my children’s, I know I’m a strong smart woman, and that I will be fine in this world. I can do anything I put my mind to .

New Beginnings have helped me to get the best job I possibly could, a vehicle, everything I need for my son, furniture for my new apartment, and most importantly confidence and the security of knowing there is always someone there for me. These women have become my family and Kelly(the director), there is none more fit than her to be the God Mother of my son, and she has accepted. I know we will be life long friends.

I hope that when you are considering how worthy New Beginnings is that you consider my story and realize that if they have made such a difference in my life they must have touched other girl’s lives as well. However I think most importantly is that because of New Beginnings there will be at least one more life in this world…my son. How many others have they saved, and will they be able to save in the future?

Thank you