I was a past resident of…

I was a past resident of New Beginnings, and the following is what they have done for me and my two children.

  • Helped me to manage my time, income, appointments and visits with my son
  • Got me involved in a family environment and a family-like setting
  • Helped with resources referrals
  • Helped with finding an apartment through knowledge, and encouragement
  • Provided helpful classes or resources to different classes on topics such as: relationships, budgeting, rent-smart, prenatal care, etc.
  • Taught me how to schedule dinners for each week and plan ahead for budgeting for food.
  • Made it a priority for prenatal care
  • Helped with baby items that I didn’t have the money for via donated items by the community.
  • Provided maternity clothes when I grew out of my normal clothes
  • Provided a place for me and my newborn to sleep=fully furnished, private bedroom to accommodate both mom and baby’s needs.
  • Helped to ensure a structured routine
  • Given me and my family a lifetime of positive moral support
  • And a heck of a lot more!

When I first came to New Beginnings, I had to go through an application process which involved getting hospital records, a TB test, and a meeting with all of the review committee along with the director, Kelly. Once they decided to accept me into their structured program, they had rules for residents, chores, curfews, and a strong communication system. One thing to remember is that you are going to have rules wherever you go, so please don’t be discouraged just because there are rules…besides, you don’t even know what the rules are going to be yet! J

Sincerely, Tia