In the last couple of weeks…

In the last couple of weeks I have been looking back on life to reflect on different things. My daughter, Anjulette is almost 3 and I do not remember where the time went. Everyone said to cherish the times that you have because they go fast. They were right. However, before I had her I have some memories as well, some of good and bad.

In 2005, I started dating my now husband, went to college, and had no home except for the spot I had at college. My husband had lived with friends that did not have any room and at the last year of college I became pregnant. At that time I knew I needed to do something so my husband and I could raise a healthy baby in a good environment. I contacted a county nurse. She introduced me to New Beginnings. Now at first I thought it was going to be hard because I am still trying to find my own religious side in life and the nurse had told me this home was run by a Luthern church in town. I thought for sure they were going to preach to me, and require me to go to church. I had to put my thoughts aside because I needed a place to stay.

After the first couple of weeks I became more comfortable being in the house. I had a job from a friend where I worked a lot to save money for an apartment and get stuff for the baby. While in the house, I felt comfort from the ladies when I asked questions but I was never put on a “should of” list like I thought might happen. I had to just remember the rules and there would be no trouble. Then sometimes I needed someone to talk to and the caretakers (ladies) of the house would talk.

New Beginnings helped me to get with an advocate from Advocap to get housing. I even learned a few cooking lessons and the value of eating at least one dinner together as a family even if we were not. When ever I needed someone to talk to someone was available. New Beginnings made sure that I had someone there. I got worried late in my pregnancy because I had trouble with my legs and being overdue but the ladies helped me with that as well. I was able to sleep in a chair with my legs up and when I needed a shoulder to cry on someone was always there.

Now even though I was able to stay for three months after Anjulette if I wanted to, my husband and I got an apartment right away and so I left about two weeks after she was born. After getting our apartment I went back to the home to visit a couple of times and some of the ladies came to visit me.

About a year after she was born I got a great job offer at Charter Communications and have been there since. My husband and I got married in October of 2008 and some of the New Beginnings ladies came to my wedding. I also speak to many of the New Beginnings ladies today.

I am so thankful that New Beginnings was a part of my life and that they let me be part of their life. I learned many things, but most of all I learned that by lending a hand, having strong values, and being determined can get me to any place I need to be. New Beginnings also taught me how to love and care for my baby. I am sure that I would have made it without New Beginnings just like any other women do, but New Beginnings gave me something that no other woman that has never been there can have, self-worth. With that self-worth I was able to carry on the rest of my life and show self-worth and values to our daughter. Thank you New Beginnings, you have a special place in my heart.

Sincerely, Buffy